The Iconic dress
Made in Liberty Fabric

Jacadi Iconic Pieces are signature pieces, inspired by French tradition in childhood fashion.
Revisited each season, the iconic styles condense expertise and emotion,
for a modern and timeless wardrobe, passed on from generation to generation.

A bit of history:
Flower patterns printed on a thin cotton fabric, 12 to 18 colors, the Liberty print was created by Sir Arthur Lasenby in 1875 and became an icon of child fashion in the 1930s. It was used to create shirts, dresses and aprons.

Discover Liberty dresses

Each season, Jacadi chooses chic Liberty fabrics and brings a delicate floral touch to its collection: sleeping bags, plush toys, lovely dresses, and accessories.

All designed for a colorful, fresh and poetic childhood.

The Jacadi touch: Add Liberty details on ruffles sleeves, petal collars or bow ties for a fresh summery look

Discover Liberty dresses