Organic cotton

With Jacadi, you can choose organic cotton for your child and baby clothes. Discover the range of clothes for babies in organic cotton, designed in our Parisian workshop: for babies, soft bodysuits, bathrobes, jumpsuits made with organic cotton available online. For children, boys or girls, t-shirts, dresses or blouses.

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Order online clothes made with organic cotton for children or babies? Discover the range of clothes for children designed by Jacadi.
The benefit of organic cotton? It is cultivated without chemical pesticides, under strictly controlled conditions. It is more eco-friendly and the clothes made with organic cotton can help reduce the risk of reaction for children and babies with skin allergy problems.
Organic cotton clothes are not the only products online that may be of interest if your baby has a sensitive skin: you can find a baby skincare range, formulated to respect all skin types, even the more delicate. As a rule, Jacadi takes the greatest care when designing products, whether it is clothes or baby skincare. The Parisian brand favors noble materials, to keep baby warm : cashmere or wool baby blankets; cuddly toys satisfying strict security standards...
And because sweetness is not just for babies, 100% cotton, bamboo, wool or leather products are also available for children. 100% organic cotton fleece sweaters for girls and boys, pretty dresses or t-shirts, polo shirts for boys and girls
Organic cotton benefits? Fibers are thicker and allergy-free. Producing organic cotton clothing is also a commitment from Jacadi Paris: working with local organic cotton farmers, the brand is initiating more beneficial farming practices and makes partnerships with local operations to improve working conditions.