Solid or checkered shirt, Liberty fabric blouse, long or short sleeves... Discover a varied collection of shirts and blouses for girls aged 3 to 12 years old.
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Girl's Blouse: A Collection Both Chic and Modern

As fluid and light as a shirt, with a looser cut and less defined lines, the blouse appeals to little and big girls with its comfort. Style is, of course, crucial. With Jacadi's girl's blouse models, make no compromises and offer your child durable clothing at the same time. Quality materials, careful finishes... each of our creations is designed with authenticity in mind. All that's left is for your daughter to be inspired by our collections.

Girl's Blouse: One Garment, Several Variants

As soon as the warm weather returns, and it's only natural, children indulge in a desire for lightness. To allow your daughter to flourish freely, the blouse remains one of the best choices. Halfway between a tunic and a shirt, this piece adds elegance to her look without overdoing it.
Without a front closure, the blouse slips on like a t-shirt. And, as is the case for many garments, baby blouses and girl's blouses come in different styles. You can indeed find short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and even sleeveless blouses. This garment is thus suitable for both the height of summer and mid-season. In terms of cut, there are models with a generously flared base, others a little narrower, and even more fitted at the torso. There is something for every taste and style.

A Comfortable and Timeless Jacadi Blouse

At Jacadi, in addition to elegant shapes, girl's blouses feature varied colours, sometimes vibrant, sometimes filled with softness. White, gingham, sky blue, cherry prints... nothing is missing to multiply the looks according to desires. Our Liberty print girl's blouses will also, no doubt, charm your little or big girl. You will also love the delicate details adorning each of our creations.
Scalloped collar, petal collar, plastron or pleated collar, ruffled sleeves, front gathers... With short or long sleeves, our blouse models embody chic and refinement and will enhance your child's style in all circumstances. Not to mention their practical side. Thanks to their full or partial opening at the back, they slip on in the blink of an eye in the morning before leaving for school and come off just as easily at the end of the day.
Choosing a Jacadi garment also means opting for quality fabrics, both soft, comfortable, and designed to last over time. Organic cotton is one of our favourites. This fibre with multiple benefits respects your child's skin and is less harmful to the environment compared to conventional cotton. Organic cotton production indeed requires less water, making it an ethical material. Soft and supple, organic cotton is also healthier for the skin as it contains no chemicals. Like conventional cotton, it also has the advantage of naturally regulating perspiration: the skin breathes, and moisture is absorbed. What more could you ask for in a summer garment?

Girl's Blouses: How to Wear Them?

The outfit ideas with a girl's blouse are endless. For a semi-casual style, pair it with pants rolled up at the base or shorts, along with a pretty pair of sandals or canvas sneakers. For a more sophisticated look, why not opt for jeans and a pair of patent ballet flats, or even a pair of Charles IX in smooth leather? And for slightly cooler days or evenings, the cardigan or zip-up girl's vest are excellent choices. They will cover your child's shoulders while beautifully enhancing her entire outfit. On the Jacadi online site or in our stores, discover all our collections.