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Shipping Page d'accueil Jacadi

Sweaters and turtleneck shirts, to stay warm this winter and still being stylish! Jacadi presents a large range of sweaters and turtleneck shirts, to choose online to avoid being cold outside. Sweaters for boys, sweaters for girls, sweaters for babies and up to 12 years old, with lovely shades, classic or bold, for a winter full of energy.

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81 found Intarsia sweaters

Sweaters must be selected carefully for your children's wardrobe. Winter sweaters must be warm enough to allow children to go out; but also must be soft and breathable to allow children to be at ease. During winter, a good sweater is a must-have, for little ones or big ones; girls or boys! Jacadi presents a range of sweaters and turtleneck shirts to stay warm this winter, without giving up on the timeless elegance of Jacadi child clothes. This winter, select cashmere sweaters for boys, or girls. Cashmere is a very soft wool, insulating, and nice to wear. Jacadi offers a variety of cashmere through sweaters and cardigans. Cashmere by Jacadi will find its place in children's wardrobe, up to 12 years old: a nice mouse-grey, a timeless navy but also lovely cream color shades, and of course, a deep and festive red which will make the sweater an item for daily life, perfect also for the holiday season. For warmer days, Jacadi presents also intarsia sweaters with patterns (cars, dice, liner boats, polar bears) mixed with wool and cotton, and of course, jacquard sweaters, fleece sweatshirts. Girl sweaters with scalloped details, boy sweaters seaside inspired: for every taste, every need and for every child, there is a Jacadi sweater or sweatshirt waiting!