Pants, leggings and shorts

Discover the range of pants and leggings for boys: Jeans, corduroy pants, denim, and cotton and cashmere leggings... Newborn clothing for girls and boys designed for maximum softness and comfort from 1 month to 12 months.
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Baby Pants: A Wide Selection of Models for All Styles

Dressing your baby with comfort as a priority is obviously necessary. With a touch of elegance, it's even better. Basic or a bit original, but always chic, Jacadi baby pants dress your baby in the most beautiful way. Easy to live with thanks to their elasticated waist, they accompany your little one in their very first adventures without hindering or compressing them. Whether you want to complete your baby's wardrobe or are looking for birth gift ideas for one of your loved ones, make your choice from our lovely creations.

Pants, Leggings, Shorts: For What Occasions?

From their first moments of life, your child will need a comfortable outfit that can adapt to all situations. To accompany them in their first discoveries of life, leggings are a very good option. Flexible and resistant at the same time, they have no buttons or pockets that could bother them. Perfect to pair with everyday outfits, parents also appreciate them for their practicality: quick to put on, they are ideal for diaper changes. When temperatures get milder, swap them for cute shorts, to match with everyday or dressier outfits, depending on the style of clothing you choose.
Pants themselves, on the other hand, are more dedicated to special occasions. To be combined with a bodysuit and a cardigan, for example, they will suit all types of events: baptism, wedding... At Jacadi, we design baby boy and girl pants filled with softness and tenderness, both in colors and in shape or details. Decorative bridge-style buttons, ribbed details, fitted cut... To allow your baby to be comfortable, some of our pants and leggings models are even seamless.

Newborn Clothes: Which Materials to Choose?

Summer and winter alike, natural and breathable materials, such as linen or cotton, are most suitable for babies. At Jacadi, we focus on organic cotton. More environmentally friendly and untreated, it takes care of your baby's delicate skin: no redness, irritation, or itching upon contact. Organic cotton also feels softer compared to regular cotton. Your little one will surely appreciate it. Linen, also used in some of our creations, is a fabric appreciated for its flexibility and thermoregulatory properties. During the summer, it will keep your baby cool. Linen is a hypoallergenic material, suitable for young children's skin.
We also develop 100% cashmere baby pants. Soft by nature, this material will envelop your child in tenderness and protect their skin. Thanks to its insulating properties combined with great lightness, cashmere will keep your baby warm, and you can even have them wear it during the mid-season.

Jeans for Babies, Comfortable and Chic

If there is one baby pant that adapts to all occasions and styles, it's the jean. Both casual and dressy, it is versatile for an always elegant look, whatever the clothing combinations. For a walk in the park, a day at daycare, a weekend at the grandparents' or a big event like your little one's baptism... Jeans are a multifaceted and essential piece to have in the wardrobe.
Like our other baby pants, Jacadi's baby jeans are designed for comfort and French elegance. Lightweight for warm days, lined for braving the cold winter, navy blue, black, or even faded: what will be the trend for your baby?