My first

My First Jacadi box is a limited edition
highlighting Jacadi heritage, know-how and love for all things beautiful .

Those boxes build a collection of iconic pieces, perfect newborn gifts for your loved ones, to pass on from generation to generation.

The sailor set

The new my First Jacadi box has finally arrived ! You will find inside a chic and emblematic gift for your baby: a lovely marine set knitted with merino wool and a pair of assorted slippers.

Baby set, 3 and 6 months $270

The bloomer

The 9th Jacadi box is here!
You will find a lovely iconic outfit to offer to all chic little girls.

Baby set, 3 to 6 months$120

Peter Pan collar dress

The 10th box is here!
You will find the prettiest iconic design, to offer to every little elegant girl.

The set, 3 and 6 months $150