Loafers and mocassins

Discover the range of low shoes for baby and toddler boys: moccasins, boat shoes, leather or nubuck loafers... Quality shoes for boys that are stylish and comfortable, from size 20 to 39.
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Boy's Moccasins: A Sense of Style with Jacadi Creations

A symbol of elegance, moccasins are a popular choice in the wardrobe of young boys and teenagers, offering them an unparalleled preppy chic look. At Jacadi, we understand that everyone has different tastes, so our flat, soft leather city shoes, traditionally without fastenings, come in a variety of styles. Classic moccasins, loafers, boat shoes... there's a style for everyone. Our high-quality shoes are designed in our Parisian workshops and can be passed down from generation to generation. Choose from our delightful creations.

Boy's Moccasins: Comfortable Models for All Looks

When spring arrives, it's time to say goodbye to ankle boots, boots and other fur-lined shoes, and opt for lighter... but no less stylish footwear. Enter the moccasin. The ultimate summer shoe, moccasins are known for their lightness and comfort. These are two essential criteria to consider so that your little one suffers as little as possible from the upcoming high temperatures.
In addition to this, flexibility is key. For this reason, it's best to choose a pair of genuine leather moccasins, like the majority of Jacadi's moccasins. For our moccasins, our designers also use the integral stitching technique, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and comfort. In these shoes, your child will feel as if they're wearing slippers. Plus, sweat will be wicked away, as leather is a breathable material. This helps to avoid unpleasant overheating and allows your boy to enjoy his childhood in peace.
As for styles, moccasins come in a wide variety of designs. At Jacadi, you'll find three flagship models of boy's moccasins. On one hand, there are the very dressy classic moccasins and loafers. On the other hand, there are boat shoes, which are slightly more casual and perfect for a casual chic look.

Moccasins, Boat Shoes...: A Thousand and One Clothing Combinations

The moccasin is said to be the first shoe to have ever touched the ground on our beautiful blue planet. More than 5 millennia after its invention, it's still in style. And for good reason. Moccasins and boat shoes are what we might call versatile. Perfect to mix with a ceremonial outfit – like the timeless three-piece Bermuda, shirt, and blazer – they're also suitable for everyday wear. Combined with a polo or a shirt, rolled-up pants or shorts, they'll make an impression in the city as well as on the playground.
The timeless sailor shirt is another key piece to pair effortlessly with your little or big boy's moccasins for a stylish and sophisticated look. With a very dressy summer outfit, don't hesitate to have him wear his moccasins or loafers with nice socks, matching his vest, for example. Your boy will simply be adorable in his summer attire.

Practical Shoes for Everyday Life

Moccasins and their more casual derivatives are incredibly easy-to-wear shoes. Perfect as a middle ground between slippers and sneakers, they're not only comfortable but also very easy to put on and take off. Traditionally, our boy's moccasins don't have closures. Before setting off on his greatest childhood adventures, your boy simply needs to slip them on.
There are also Velcro strap models, typical of our boat shoes. Ideal before learning to tie laces, these famous straps are fun for little ones. They help them to slowly but surely develop their dexterity.

Understated and Elegant Colours with Refined Details

Side panels, topstitching, tone-on-tone or contrasting... Jacadi's moccasins and boat shoes stand out for their impeccable lines and finishes. These refined details reflect our desire to instill in your child a taste for tradition, authenticity, and beautiful things.
In terms of colours, our shoe models feature rather understated shades, such as black or navy blue. This ensures that your boy will be elegant in all circumstances and can match his moccasins with all his favourite outfits.