Discover outerwear for babies and children. Raincoats, puffer jackets, parkas, jackets, snowsuits... Jacadi Paris designs sturdy, comfortable and stylish coats to protect little boys and little girls from cold, rain, snow... Choose from our selection for boys and girls!

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What makes a good coat for a child or baby, boy or girl? Quality, first and foremost. To protect babies and children from wind, rain, and cold so they can play during recess and discover the world without ever having to sacrifice their comfort. Jacadi outerwear for children and babies is designed to please... and to last. The Jacadi Paris workshop carefully selects the materials used to construct the jackets for babies and children: waterproof oilcloth, high-quality nylons, exceptionally soft and insulating fleeces, well-sewn buttons, impeccable tailoring, and rivets and snaps that will not let you down. With those qualities, as long as you follow the care instructions, Jacadi outerwear for babies and children will last for years to come. When the time comes, they can even dress a new baby, a little brother or little sister...

With Jacadi outerwear for babies and children, style is an essential element of the jackets, windbreakers, parkas and snowsuits that we create for little ones, with the same attention to detail as our baby clothing and outfits for children.

Parkas, raincoats, snowsuits for children and babies: there is no shortage of stylish options.

Outerwear, no matter the design (parka, windbreaker, blazer, snowsuit) is an important wardrobe piece. That is why Jacadi focuses on substance... and style. Girls' coats (baby girls or little girls) are stylish with a feminine touch, featuring pleats, bright or pastel colors, dainty fruit or flower prints... with couture-inspired fit and thoughtful details: silver snaps, hidden side pockets, Peter Pan collars, contrasting braided trim, cheery and classic linings... Jacadi coats for little girls have style to spare.
We didn't forget about boys' coats (babies and boys, up to size 12Y). Little explorers can take on the sea spray in raincoats or windbreaker-style jackets, for vacations by the ocean and spring or autumn rains. Athletic fits, zippered pockets, sturdy and practical hoods... so he can leave the wind and bad weather behind. Jacadi also offers puffer jackets, reversible or not, in warm or classic colorways. Boys' outerwear comes in a navy that will never go out of style, or sometimes a color block look, but always with the impeccable taste that defines the brand.

Which outerwear for my little boy or little girl?

For baby, having appropriate outerwear for the season and the weather guarantees a comfortable day, sheltered from the rain and wind. If you are unsure of what kind or how much outerwear your child needs, here are a few suggestions. For baby, outerwear primarily provides protection: for little autumn and winter babies, a snowsuit is essential. For a little boy or little girl, no matter the season, you will need a wind-proof jacket: a raincoat, trench coat or lined windbreaker are a welcome addition on rainy days and walks outside. For dry winter days, a puffer jacket or English wool coat (an iconic Jacadi piece) are perfect. Also make sure to have a light jacket for your little boy or your little girl: this wardrobe piece can complete a formal look, or protect a pretty dress or suit on holidays and special occasions. Outerwear is a centerpiece of your child's wardrobe. Choose wisely: thanks to the quality of Jacadi Paris baby and children's clothes, it will last for years to come and can no doubt be worn by a little brother or sister or cousin later on... thanks to the thoughtful design and quality of Jacadi Paris jackets, puffer coats and raincoats. On top of that, you get to enjoy picking out matching scarves, gloves and winter accessories for children.