Skincare and scented waters

Jacadi offers a wide range of perfumes: scented waters for baby and child, with fresh and sweet notes.

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Discover the range of scented waters for baby and child from Jacadi. Scented waters available online.
Those scented waters will be precious gifts for your friends and family members. The ones welcoming a baby and the ones whose children are becoming young girls and boys. Skin-friendly, Jacadi scented waters can be used safely from early childhood - our scented waters are suitable for babies from 0 to 2 years old.
Jacadi scented waters are daily accessories, perfect for your baby care routine, but they are also chic objects, with pure lines and delicately chosen touch of colors. Pretty perfume bottles, their image reflecting the fragrance they contain: sober, elegant, with just an irresistible hint of modernity. Scented waters for baby or child, for girl or boy, will be a perfect decorative element on your nursery or bathroom shelf.
Discover the range of perfumes, with scented waters for baby boy and baby girl, sold individually or in gift sets, to make the perfect newborn gift.
Dermatologically tested, Jacadi scented waters reflect the Parisian brand: discreet and subtle, for a note of well-being and a touch of elegance every day.