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Find all the models of sleepsuits for baby girls from 6 to 36 months: velvet sleepsuits, cotton pyjamas... Clothes for girls that are comfortable and stylish, dedicated to the comfort and well-being of the baby.
Baby girl pyjamas in interlockfrom $75.00

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Baby girl velvet pyjamasfrom $95.00

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Baby velvet pyjamasfrom $75.00

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Baby girl pajamas in velvet bouclettefrom $65.00

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Baby girl pyjamas in velvet bouclettefrom $65.00

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Baby girl velvet pyjamasfrom $75.00

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Baby girl gingham print pyjamasfrom $75.00

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Girl's Pyjamas: Elegant Styles for Every Taste

An essential part of babies' and children's wardrobes, our pyjama collection is designed to cater to everyone's preferences. In the Jacadi girl's pyjamas section, discover chic, trendy, and durable pieces, designed to bring a unique style to your children. For the night, your little girl will be as stylish as she is comfortable.You will also find various items in the granddaughter's wardrobe: Dresses, skirts, t-shirts, shorts, sweaters, blouses, pants and coats.

Which pyjamas should I choose for my girl?

Your child's sleep is essential. In addition to appropriate and quality bedding, make sure they are perfectly comfortable in their clothes before drifting off to dreamland. The first criterion to consider is the material. Synthetic fabrics are not recommended for children's delicate skin. For your princess's comfort, opt for natural and skin-friendly materials, such as cotton, linen, or velvet. That's why you'll find exclusively these types of materials in our Night collections at Jacadi.
Another important factor: the presence of an elasticated waistband. This small detail provides extra comfort for your child. Of course, the pyjama style also matters. Take your little girl's preferences into account and choose a design she likes. This will make bedtime even smoother.
For babies, note that after 2 years, the onesie pyjama becomes less suitable. It's time to switch to big kid pyjamas: the famous 2-piece pyjama set. Your girl will have more freedom of movement, both in and out of bed.

The different Jacadi pyjama styles

Symbols of grace and comfort, our girls' pyjamas collection offers a multitude of styles. From nightgowns to pyjama shorts, to long pyjamas, our range reinvents itself with each season, for your child's delight. For peaceful nights wrapped in softness, Jacadi showcases tender colours and patterns.
From pure white enhanced with small touches of colour, like our unmistakable Liberty prints, to pastel pink, sky blue, Vichy checks, little clouds, fun prints, butterflies, stripes, messages... For a more understated look, also discover our solid-coloured girl's pyjamas.
It's all in the details. Elegant Claudine collars, contrasting croquet ribbons, box pleats, ruffled yokes, tone-on-tone collars... each of our creations is adorned with a chic and inherently feminine touch, for a flawless night-time look. For home, a pyjama party at her best friend's house, or summer camp, they accompany your child on every occasion.

What is the best pyjama choice for the season?

For the warmer season, opt for light and breathable materials, such as cotton or linen. Depending on the ambient temperature, dress your girl in flowing pants or pyjama shorts with a short-sleeved t-shirt. If the temperature is particularly high, you can choose a little nightgown.
When winter arrives and both indoor and outdoor environments cool down, choose cozy children's pyjamas. Materials like thick cotton and velvet will provide your child with all the comfort and warmth they need for a good night's sleep. Long pyjamas, or even one-piece pyjamas, are up to you to choose. Remember to add socks to their feet if the cold intensifies.

What size pyjamas should I choose?

The sizes indicated on clothing relate to measurements, not the child's actual age. As with daytime outfits, to choose the right pyjama size, you need to take your girl's measurements. To avoid mistakes, find a size guide for each Jacadi item. If you're hesitating between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one. Your baby or little girl will enjoy her beautiful pyjamas for longer. And when they become too small, think of Jacadi's second life!