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Discover the range of sweaters, vests, and cardigans for boys and girls: patterned sweaters, sweatshirts, hooded vests, cashmere cardigans... Newborn clothing for girls and boys designed for maximum softness and comfort from 1 month to 12 months.
Baby girl jersey cardiganfrom 75,00 $

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Baby jersey cardiganfrom 75,00 $

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Baby girl cardigan in garter stitchfrom 85,00 $

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Baby boy striped fleece cardiganfrom 75,00 $

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Baby girl jersey cardiganfrom 75,00 $

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Baby Sweaters: Quality Meets Style

To protect your little one from the coolness of the late season without getting too hot, nothing beats a sweater, cardigan, vest, or even a sweatshirt. Offered at Jacadi in a multitude of colours, these essential baby pieces are very elegant and comfortable. Materials, lines, cuts... every detail is designed to give your child style and flair. Discover our timeless collection of sweats, baby cardigans and other newborn clothing.

Sweater, Sweatshirt, Cardigan, Vest for Baby: What are the Differences?

Before choosing the garment that best suits your baby, let's review the characteristics of each of these pieces. The newborn vest is a garment with or without sleeves that closes at the front with a zipper or buttons. The cardigan, sometimes also called a vest, specifically refers to a knitted garment with sleeves and buttons at the front.
As for baby sweaters and sweatshirts, they are mainly distinguished by their style. The sweatshirt has a casual, even sporty side, more suitable for an urban clothing look. It is perfect for stroller walks in the park, for example. The sweater, on the other hand, is more formal while still being somewhat casual. It can be paired with both a dressy outfit and an everyday outfit.
On the practical side, the sweatshirt is made of materials that can both provide warmth and absorb perspiration. The sweater, on the other hand, provides warmth only. If your child tends to move a lot with their little hands and feet, it is better to opt for a sweatshirt for walks.

What should I dress my baby in for a seaside outing?

The first walk along the coast is planned. All that's left is to find the right outfit so that your baby is comfortable enough to enjoy this great moment on this vast and beautiful sandy expanse with an azure blue backdrop. In spring or early autumn, if the temperatures allow, your little one can wear a pretty knitted cardigan or vest, with a small long-sleeved bodysuit underneath. You can simply unbutton it to remove it if it gets too hot. It will be more practical than a sweater or sweatshirt to take off over the head and put back on.
To keep your baby's little legs warm, opt for the timeless jeans or a simple pair of pants. And because you will most certainly capture the moment, your baby should be elegant down to their toes. For the occasion, forget rigid leather shoes and instead choose cute little leather slippers or soft canvas ones, allowing your baby to discover the funny sensation of sand under their feet.

Baby Girl and Boy Sweaters: Jacadi, Quality First and Foremost

In addition to their soft colours and timeless style, to match all looks, Jacadi's baby boy and girl sweaters and vests prioritize beautiful materials. Organic cotton, in addition to being more ethical compared to conventional cotton, has the advantage of being hypoallergenic and not irritating the delicate skin of your baby. Merino wool, natural, does not itch on contact with the skin and insulates well from the cold while wicking away perspiration.
Another key material used in the making of our baby vests is cashmere. This noble fibre offers many advantages, starting with its extreme softness to the touch. It is also both lighter and warmer than wool. Cashmere thus protects your baby very well from the cold while keeping them dry thanks to its hygrometric properties. This provides warmth and comfort to your little one, in winter and mid-season. To offer to your baby or as a newborn gift idea, Jacadi vests are definitely a great choice.