Discover the selection of refined Holiday sweaters for girls and boys, to enjoy a cozy Holiday season! Jacadi Holiday sweaters, for babies or children, combine nice materials, practical cuts, and a chic je ne sais quoi that makes Jacadi the go to brand for elegant children.
Warm and chic sweaters for a cozy and stylish Holiday season? Select and order online sweaters for boys and girls among Jacadi selection. Materials, first: Jacadi sweaters for children, for holidays or winter, are made with cashmere, very warm and light, mixed with wool and cotton; or wool and viscose; or wool and cashmere... that way you may dress children and babies more or less warm, according to the weather or the plans for the day. Colors? Timeless like white, navy or mouse gray... But also more trendy: cold blue, festive red velvet, plum-colored, peacock blue... or even a color block effect, because holidays are so colorful! Finally, a few details for an elegant holiday season right to your fingertips! Scalloped details, intarsia patterns, ruffle collar, nice buttons... bow collar seaside inspired... Why not select with your children and create together a full Holiday season party outfit for boys or girls? A lovely item from children's wardrobe, the sweater can match different accessories, dresses or winter pants, to create different outfits and looks and still being stylish.