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Jacadi Paris sleeping bags are designed to let baby move freely but protected from the cold and drafts. Order online a Jacadi Paris sleeping bag for your baby and young children.

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Jacadi sleeping sack: a must have

The sleeping bag is the key to a blissful night, for baby… and for you! The sleeping bag is an essential accessory for baby’s sleep. It is fastened at the shoulders and arms and lets the baby free to move its tiny feets, without running the risk of getting cold. It is recommended not to use sheets or pillows in a newborn bed: anything that can move and obstruct baby’s breathing is prohibited.
Jacadi sleepsack are an essential part of baby’s equipment. Take a 0 - 6 months sleeping bag in your hospital bag and then use a convertible one.

Which sleeping bag??

In Winter, opt for a style with long sleeves, or add pajamas to keep baby’s arms warm. In Summer, prefer a style with no sleeves, in a lighter material. The TOG helps you choose the appropriate style, it indicates how warm the sleep sack is: the higher the number the hotter the sleep sack.

The sleeping bag: a fashion accessory

As always with Jacadi, sleeping bags are crafted with extreme care. The lining is hot, the fabric is soft, to protect baby’s skin. Beyond practicality, you can choose from a wide collection of styles and inspiration. Pristine white, with motifs or in pastel colors, personalize your baby’s room with a delicate french touch.

Sleeping bag for baby girl and baby boy

Shop online your sleepsack for baby boy or baby girl, the perfect companion for your baby’s first months. Opt for a flowery design, or a delicate color or pristine white, to be perfect either for a boy or a girl… thanks to Jacadi’s finest quality of baby’s accessories and bedding supplies, you will keep it a long time and maybe even pass it on to the siblings.
Jacadi sleeping bags are made with carefully selected materials, assembled with great care. If you follow the care instructions, your sleepsack will remain soft and good as new, despite all the washing. You will pass it on to the next generation or maybe to a friend or family’s baby.