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Among our baby girl clothes, discover one-piece swimsuit models and girl's bras... A collection of baby girl swimsuits designed for maximum comfort from 6 to 36 months.
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A charming baby girl swimsuit for a summer under the best auspices

What could be more essential than a pretty swimsuit for the first holidays at the sea or for the pool? A true fashion accessory, this garment is popular among little girls from a very young age. First games in the sand, first contact with sea or ocean water... the swimsuit is also associated with beautiful and great discoveries for your child. So choose it well. Comfortable and quality fabrics, sunny colours, practical models... Discover our adorable collection of baby girl swimsuits and select the one that will proudly accompany your pretty young lady this summer.

When should I put a swimsuit on my baby?

The first swims (and the following ones) are a pure moment of pleasure for children. However, it is important to be vigilant. Paediatricians recommend waiting at least 4 months before putting a swimsuit on your baby. This is provided that they have received their first 2 vaccine injections.
As for the bath itself, it is necessary to go gradually. The first time, stay no more than 10 minutes with your baby in the water. Then, gradually increase the duration of the sessions, without ever exceeding 30 minutes. Your little girl may indeed get cold. This is why it is better to prefer heated pools to sea baths for very young children, up to the age of about one year. That being said, nothing prevents your baby from finding activities on their beach towel!

What are the different types of swimsuits for babies?

From the timeless one-piece swimsuit for girls to the more girly two-piece swimsuit, this summer star garment comes in all shapes and sizes, for the pleasure of your baby. The two-piece swimsuit has the advantage of being more easily removed. You can then change your child with more ease. On this subject, for your baby's comfort, consider washable swim diapers.
There are also technical swimsuits that can block UV rays, even in the water. With long or short sleeves, they effectively protect your child's back and shoulders. Even if your baby should not be exposed to the sun, and even if they are protected by a hat or a parasol, ultraviolet rays still prevail. Of course, this type of swimsuit does not exempt you from applying high-protection sunscreen to the exposed parts.

Like a fish in the water with my Jacadi swimsuit

Jacadi baby girl swimsuits follow the major fashion codes and trends, while displaying a unique chic style. Designed for babies aged 6 to 36 months, some models feature ultra-playful graphic prints, others feature soft floral patterns, like our Liberty swimsuits. Pink, yellow, blue, orange... colours intertwine, for the pleasure of the eyes. Our girl swimsuits also stand out for their elegant details: scalloped edges, ruffled waist or collar, fancy buttons, contrasting piping... everything is combined to make your daughter the prettiest.
In terms of materials, priority is given to seersucker, a light and comfortable fabric, soft microfiber, or flexible knit. With their solid seams, Jacadi baby swimsuits are also designed to be durable. In addition to classic one and two-piece swimsuits, we have also developed a beautiful collection of anti-UV sets. Composed of a bottom and a long-sleeved top, they will provide your little one with optimal sun protection while giving her the most adorable style.
Our swimsuits are practical: crossed straps for perfect support, Velcro opening at the back (for anti-UV sets) for easy dressing... Nothing is left to chance so that you can enjoy your holidays with your baby in complete peace of mind.