Check out Jacadi polo dresses, chic, practical, cool and comfortable clothing for little girls. Dresses in beautiful jerseys, with totally typical polo collars and a beautiful cut for a perfect fit. Our polo dresses are just the right length, and at Jacadi there's so much to choose from. Bright white, pretty pop colors, pale stripes or classic shades: polo dresses for little girls, from birth to 12 years old.

The polo dress is inspired by the courts. The elegant sportswear version for little girls, from newborns to 12 years: at Jacadi, the polo dress is available in several colors and a range of styles. Simple polo dresses, in classic colors (pure white, deep navy), but with the little details that make a big difference (double Peter Pan collars, beautiful finishes). Of course, you'll also find polo dresses revisited in Liberty print fabric for little girls, another Jacadi's signature. And every year, for summer, the Jacadi polo dress comes back in a backless version too, with striped or polka dot patterns, in color block style, with smart pleats for a flawless fall... The polo dress for little girls is versatile and perfect for informal tea times, play dates and racing around the playground. But with a pretty cardigan and some smart shoes for little girls (sandals or ballet flats) and a pretty hair accessory, the polo dress can also be stylish and dressy enough for a birthday party, a summer ceremony or an important occasion. In fall, the polo dress can be combined with pretty tights and a warm cardigan to keep your little girl looking stylish for the new school term and trips to the park as the first leaves start to fall. Its essential place in your little girl's wardrobe makes the Jacadi children's polo dress one of the brand's iconic styles.