Baby's awakening is a crucial stage in their life: with Jacadi Paris awakening accessories and mats, stimulate their attention with shapes, materials, and lots of tenderness. Choose and order online Jacadi awakening mats and other baby toys, to support their development from the first weeks.
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Selection of baby toys for a gentle awakening

Baby's awakening is a great adventure, which begins from the very first days... and never really stops. Throughout our lives, we learn, and this learning already concerns baby. To accompany them in their awakening, Jacadi Paris creates a range of accessories and play mats. To begin with, baby will refine their sight and sense of touch. Awakening therefore involves shapes, colours, and materials. Jacadi Paris play mats offer this possibility: different shapes and materials to awaken their senses and capture their attention.

Play mat: an essential baby toy

From the first few weeks, baby can be placed on a play mat. Jacadi play mats are available alone, or with a structure that also allows for the installation of small baby toys dedicated to awakening. Of course, all these accessories are designed in strict compliance with safety standards.
The play mat should be considered as a play area, a place where baby is installed to discover the world around them at their own pace, with mom or dad within sight. As soon as baby sits up and moves on their own, of course, supervision will need to be increased, or a playpen can be used... The play mat is an asset, both for occupying baby during times when you need to attend to your tasks in the room, but also an investment for their overall cognitive development.
From 6 weeks, baby is able to understand that their actions have an effect on the toys they will shake, for example. Their motor skills, perception of colours, shapes, and materials, are encouraged in their development by the toys and objects you will make available to them. Jacadi play mats have the advantage of providing different elements, all carefully thought out by our team of designers.
With the baby bed and changing essentials, the play mat is a must-have Jacadi accessory, to put on the baby registry or the baby layette.

A multitude of other awakening toys for baby

The play mat is not the only alternative for accompanying baby and entertaining them. Jacadi also designs toys specifically studied to please and awaken them! There are musical toys, of course. We know that already, in mom's belly, baby perceives certain sounds, and some parents take advantage of this to start their musical awakening early. With Jacadi's musical awakening toys and plush toys, you continue this melodious approach!
In the form of a cute bunny with a soft gaze or a funny and colourful bird, Jacadi's musical baby plush toys are both a source of comfort and distraction for little ones. With their gentle melodies, they soothe baby when they are upset or have trouble falling asleep. The rest of the time, they entertain and arouse their curiosity.
Don't wait to surround baby with different music, at a low volume of course, so as not to risk affecting their hearing. For a gentle baby awakening, Jacadi offers musical plush toys: so soft, very round, for baby's comfort and safety.Choose and order online Jacadi play mats and baby accessories to accompany their development from the first weeks.

A plush baby comforter for everyone

Varying in shape, texture, and colour, Jacadi baby plush toys turn into baby comforters, accompanying children at every moment. Often, the first separations with mom and dad - who have to go to work, for example - are heartbreaking for little ones. Fortunately, this faithful companion is there to share their first emotions and reassure them. Which of our soft creations will win your favour and that of your little prince or princess?