Jacadi Paris baby blankets: an irresistible accessory that comes in handy to keep baby warm, protected from the sun.

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The Baby blanket: the irresistible accessory to protect baby

A baby blanket must be included in baby’s first equipment . It will protect the baby from the cold, in his crib. Laid out on the grass or on the sand, it will isolate baby form the floor, when he will be old enough to spend some time out ( of course a hat will complete the equipment! )
Later on, as a bed-cover, it will add comfort to the growing baby to spend nights filled with sweet dreams. And when baby will be a child, boy or girl, the blanket will be a cherished memory.

Scalloped hem baby blanket, with polka dots, colorful, neutral or pristine white, Jacadi designed a large collection of blankets. Made with cashmere, it will be a precious newborn gift for Winter, in wool blended with cotton or simply in cotton, it will be perfect for sunny days.