Discover the collection of leather barefoot shoes and sandals for baby and girl child: Quality, elegant and comfortable shoes for girls from size 17 to 39.

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Barefoot sandals for girls, pretty and comfortable, guaranteeing a sensational summer look

Thinner, lighter, more flexible, but also a bit wider compared to classic shoes, barefoot sandals offer a sensation that is close to walking without shoes. For this reason, they are very pleasant to wear on a daily basis. Summer stars, these open shoes are also appreciated by little girls for their natural elegance. At Jacadi, we offer a wide range of barefoot sandals and sandals for girls, combining quality and delicacy. From dressed-up dresses to everyday clothes, these shoes can be paired with any outfit in the wardrobe. Make your choice from our collection.

Barefoot sandals and sandals: trendy "girl" shoes for summer

For all little girls (and even the older ones), sandals and barefoot sandals are among the must-haves of the beautiful season. Playing water games with friends, going for a walk with mom and dad in the park, or going to the beach with grandparents... In all these situations, your child will undoubtedly want to put on her favorite pair of sandals or barefoot sandals.
Simple and very refined at the same time, these shoes for girls are also perfect for more solemn moments. They can enhance both shorts or a skirt and a ceremony dress. Whether it's celebrating a wedding, a baptism, or any other important event, barefoot sandals and sandals can quickly transform into princess shoes.

Which pair of sandals to choose for a girl?

The beautiful days are coming quickly, and your child is about to trade her winter shoes for an open model, allowing the foot to breathe. Surprisingly, choosing the right pair of sandals or barefoot sandals for your girl can be more complicated than it seems.
Ideally, you will need to find a model that combines comfort (so she can be comfortable every day), durability (to enjoy them for a long time and pass them on to her little sisters/cousins), and elegance (to show off a trendy look in front of her friends). This last point is probably, at first glance, the most important for your child.
To find the ideal pair that will satisfy everyone, here are our three tips:

1. Aim for the right material

For shoes, leather is by far the most qualitative material. Not only resistant, leather is also flexible, and therefore perfect for adapting to your child's constantly moving little feet.

2. Pay particular attention to the material of the closures

Buckles and other metal elements on girl's sandals can cause allergic reactions, especially if they contain nickel. This metal is magnetic, so you can easily test it with a magnet to see if the shoe contains it. On the other hand, metals like silver or stainless steel, which are generally non-allergenic, are not magnetic.

3. Take into account her favorite colors

Once these criteria are met, all you have to do is let your daughter choose the design and color of her new sandals (if she is old enough to do so).

Sandals, girl's barefoot sandals: a wide range of colors at Jacadi

Available in sizes 18 to 39, Jacadi's girl's barefoot sandals and sandals come in a thousand and one colors. From white to neon pink, through black, iridescent pink, gold, or metallic gray, in glossy or smooth finishes... you have plenty of choices. Perhaps you will also fall for one of our vibrant Liberty fabric models? Our exclusive Betsy, Margareth Annie, and Ciara colorations delight all little princesses who care about their appearance.

Jacadi girl's shoes: quality and comfort at the forefront

With the exception of summer canvas shoes, Jacadi's girl's sandals and barefoot sandals are made of high-quality leather. You can be sure to offer your child shoes that are both solid and comfortable, resistant to hours spent playing in the park and limiting overheating. Leather also has thermoregulatory properties. It is also, as we have seen, a flexible material. It adapts to all situations: walking, running, hopping on one foot...
Authentic, sublime, timeless, our sandals have been designed by our stylists so that your daughter can fully and simply live her childhood. Because childhood is above all a time of carefreeness.