Enjoy canvas tennis shoes for boys that are refined, comfortable, and ethical. Our creations range from 18 to 39.

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Canvas tennis shoes for boys: a favourite model for everyone

For playing, for walking, and more generally, for all daily activities, the canvas tennis shoe is THE shoe that every boy must have in his wardrobe. Practical, lightweight, and comfortable, it is no less elegant and brilliantly completes everyday outfits, as well as ceremony ensembles. Plain or colourful canvas, low or slightly more covering, with reinforced toe or not... At Jacadi, we have imagined all kinds of boy's tennis shoe models to meet all desires. Which pair will you fall for?

How to choose a pair of canvas tennis shoes?

Spring has arrived, and you are already anticipating the sunny days by searching for the ideal pair of shoes for your boy. To let his feet breathe and help him better withstand the summer heat, the canvas tennis shoe remains one of the best choices. However, it is essential to be selective about materials.
Natural fibres, such as cotton, bamboo, or hemp, are perfect in that they are airy enough to allow perspiration to evaporate. At Jacadi, to take care of your child's feet, we favour organic cotton canvas.
Another aspect to consider when choosing your boy's tennis shoes: the soles. Opt for a natural rubber outer sole. More flexible and lighter compared to synthetic rubber, it is also more environmentally friendly, as it is not petroleum-based. Natural rubber is obtained from tree resin (rubber tree). As for the inner sole, foam models (preferably washable) offer more comfort. For our collections, we again prioritize quality, durable, and comfortable materials.
A padded collar can be a plus, depending on your boy's use and preferences. The last criterion to consider: colours. As with clothing, light-coloured boy's shoes will attract less heat. They are therefore preferable to dark colours, especially if you live in a warm region.

Sneakers, canvas tennis shoes: what's the difference?

Canvas tennis shoes (not to be confused with tennis shoes) are low shoes suitable for many everyday activities, such as walks, water games with friends, or the journey between school and home.
Boy's sneakers, on the other hand, are slightly higher and offer more support, more comfort, and better cushioning compared to canvas tennis shoes. They are therefore more suitable for long-distance walking, running, and sports activities in general. For his basketball or tennis matches, for example, your boy will need a pair of sneakers.
Another significant difference between sneakers and canvas tennis shoes: the look. The former lend themselves to a sporty style, the latter to a casual, even chic style.On the practical side, canvas tennis shoes for boys can be worn barefoot or with socks. A tip: choose them in the same tones as his shoes, and they will go unnoticed.

A wide choice of boy's canvas tennis shoes at Jacadi

Ranging from size 18 to size 39, our boy's canvas tennis shoes dress your child's feet from his first steps up to adolescence. We offer our shoes in a wide range of models, all more elegant than the others. Classic Velcro strap tennis shoes, slip-on tennis shoes to simply put on, open canvas like sandals... Each foot has its original and timeless pair of tennis shoes.Our canvas shoes also feature chic and trendy colours, ranging from white to navy blue, sky blue, red, or orange. Some even mix colours, while others subtly blend materials, such as a faux leather closure, creating a beautiful contrast with the canvas.And for unbeatable elegance, our creations are adorned with details that make all the difference: inserts, metal buckles, "Jacadi Paris" print, topstitching... Everything is designed to allow your child to live his new adventures in style. Combined with Bermuda shorts, shorts, or even a ceremony outfit, your boy's canvas tennis shoes will undoubtedly make many envious at the park or in the schoolyard.