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How to select the proper shoes for my children?

Choosing the right shoes for your children is the key to a confortable and elegant discovery of the world... dreamy walks or cheerful adventures, each child has his own personality and Jacadi has the right pair of shoes for each and everyone of them.


Why is it essential to choose the right shoes for your child?

Your baby's shoes are pretty and decorative - true fashion items, almost like a toy. But as soon as baby is on all-four, they turn into more than just accessories to keep your baby's feet warm. On the contrary, good shoes are the key to the learning phase, when your baby starts to walk. You need to buy shoes that provide optimal support for the ankle and the foot.
As soon as you girl or boy walks, shoes are a key piece in your child's outfit, both for his looks and his comfort.
Your child will grow up fast and he will need to change shoes often. Don't give in to the temptation of buying shoes of a lesser quality. On the contrary, he will need a soft cushion, supple and breathable materials. In a word, your child needs the best quality shoes. Jacadi shoes, both timeless and fashionable, with good care, can be passed on to siblings or nephews.

Which shoes do my children need?

Does your child need several pairs of shoes? Well, yes, like you... Your child wardrobe should at least include a pair of casual and sturdy shoes for everyday ( according to his style and the season, high-top trainers, boots...); a pair of athletic shoes ( trainers with a good cushion); a pair of formal shoes (Mary Janes, moccasins, loafers...); as well as slippers and tongs for the swimming pool. And don't forget Jacadi Jacadi sandals for the summer!
You are wondering about the color? Your shoe rack should include at least a pair in a neutral color, that will match several outfits: a timeless navy blue, an elegant mouse-gray, a warm brown... That way you child - and his feet!- will be prepared for any eventuality. Each season, Jacadi designs a child shoe collection with smart lines and irresistible details: it would be too bad to miss it! Fall for the details that make the quality and style of an excellent child shoes: sturdy rivets, smartly cut leathers, contrasting trims...
Let the trend of the year guide you: leather, colorblock, canvas made with Liberty fabrics... With Jacadi, enjoy the best trends for your little boy or girl. Jacadi shoes are robust and enduring: care for them as advised and they will offer your child the comfort, security and style his little feet deserve, everyday


Choosing the right size for children's shoes

To buy shoes for your child, you can go together to a Jacadi store: our sales advisors know how to measure, choose and advise on the best shoes for your child. Party shoes, fashionable sturdy and chic trainers, boots and ankle boots... But don't worry if you prefer to select your shoes online: Jacadi is here to help you all along choose the shoes that fit perfectly.
Start by measuring your child's foot. It is easy as 1-2-3: the the size guide dedicated to Jacadi children shoes will be a perfect tool. Place your child upright on the footprint. Mark the edge with a stroke of a pen - watch out, it may tickle! Here you are with the perfect size for your loved one's future pair of shoes... Just add 1/4 of an inch for a positive ease. Beware that buying shoes several sizes bigger is not recommended.. blisters, discomfort, fall: as many issues you will not have to face with shoes in the right size.

How to help my child try shoes on?

Your child is still small and you wonder how you are going to help him try on his new pair of shoes? The best way is to have him sit on your lap and hold his ankle firmly to help his foot slip in the shoe. Pay attention to the signs: the shoe must be comfortable. "Pushing" a bit on the first try is natural, but if you feel there is not enough space for the longest toe at the end of each shoe, then it is too small. Sending back or exchanging your pair of children's shoes by Jacadi is easy. In doubt order two sizes and send back the one that does not fit.