Smiling baby being stroked on the head Smiling baby being stroked on the head

Sweet routine

For baby hygiene, the bath, a massage, Jacadi skincare and cleansing products, delicately formulated with a sweet childhood scent, are the parents best ally in their sweet routine with their children.

All our products are made in France with 90% of natural ingredients.
They are respectful of the baby's skin from birth and are suitable for the whole family.

Bath routine

If the water temperature is essential ( it should be 37°C),as well as the level of the water (12 cm maximum), the room temperature of your bathroom is important too. During bath time, it should be between 22 and 24°C, whether it is summer or winter. The rule for lathering is simple: you go from the cleanest to… the least clean (usually baby’s bottom) insisting on the skin folds. Don’t wet the face to avoid stressing the your newborn.

From its first bath, to avoid your baby getting cold, wrap him up in a towel or a bathrobe, covering its head carefully. The skin is thin, gently pat to absorb water, without rubbing. And don’t forget all the little folds.

Once you have put these tips into practice, you will be ready to enjoy those tender moments, bursts of laughter included!

Massage routine

Between Mommy, baby and the Jacadi multi-purpose dry oil, it is an ongoing sweet story, bringing together generations. Baby’s massage ( with no therapeutic intents) is a bonding moment shared by baby and its parents. It helps relax the baby and make it familiar with his body, sensitive to the tender and soothing touch. Hand massage is reinforced by eye contact,shared smiles, and the soft vibrations of the voice resonating in the baby's ears and whole body.

The massage is best done after the bath, in a warm room, on a towel or a changing table.

Moisturising routine

Performed by the parent at first, the moisturising ritual will become a shared moment over the time. Each Jacadi product moisturizes and takes care of the skin of the baby, the children and their parents. Rich in hyaluronic acid, the Jacadi face cream is formulated for every age and delicately protects all skin-types.It prevents dehydration and protects sensitive skin from redness and dryness, leaving it supple and silky soft.