Enter the magical world of little ones and discover our beautiful assortment of gift sets for elegant and high-quality newborns, for babies from 0 to 22 months.
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A plethora of baby gift sets for the joy of giving

Is a birth on the horizon among your friends, work colleagues, or within your family? You probably want to offer the perfect present. Why not bet on a gift set as a birth gift? Jacadi gives you some great ideas. From cute night outfits to body care adapted to the delicate skin of babies, discover a beautiful range of assortments to delight newborns and their happy parents.

Custom baby gift sets

To gently accompany baby from their first days of life, Jacadi designs birth gift sets that are both cute and authentic. Quality materials designed to last, eco-friendly products that respect the well-being of little ones, clothing with modern and timeless lines, made with respect for French tradition, soft colours... By offering a Jacadi birth gift, be sure to make an impression.
To please baby and their parents, fall for one of our birth gift sets composed of a cuddly toy and a floral scented water, a charming bloomer or elegant shoes and their matching socks. While browsing the Jacadi birth gift sets section, also discover our body care gift sets. Cleansing milk, dry oil... Everything to perfume and take care of baby's skin, without aggression thanks to natural compositions. Not to mention the iconic rabbit plush, adorable and soft, it will soothe baby and help dry their first tears.
Jacadi also offers a beautiful collection of
gift sets, for babies who have become "big". Assortment of socks for future coquettish princesses from 15 to 22 months, dresses, trousseaus mixing combi, bloomer and precious cashmere cardigan... Because young parents sometimes already have everything they need for the first months of their baby's life, it can be wise to offer a gift set that will be used a little later.

Birth gift ideas for girls and boys: finding inspiration

Choosing a gift for a baby girl or boy is not always easy. First, find out if the parents have made a birth list. If not, ask them what they would need. This is the best way to avoid duplicates when offering your birth gift set. You will thus be sure that your present will have the opportunity to be used. Because often, parents are overwhelmed with clothes and don't know what to do with them. Babies grow very fast, and it would be a shame if that pretty bloomer or elegant dress you took so long to choose was not worn.
As for knowing what gift to offer if you don't know the child's gender, bet on mixed items. At Jacadi, you will find gifts for baby boys that can also suit girls, and vice versa. We also offer, of course, unisex clothing. This way, you can't go wrong and will surely make baby and mom-dad happy.

What gift for a baby (and for the parents)?

Touch is one of the first senses awakened at birth. This sensory ability is actually the very first to appear while the baby is still warm in their mother's womb. Discovering new sensations is very amusing for them, but also essential for their development. Hit the mark by offering a gift set composed of a plush or a soft cuddly toy, or filled with clothes made of eco-friendly materials and pleasant materials, such as cotton or wool.
And because young parents also deserve special attention, why not plan a small present for them, in addition to a gift set for their little one? There are, of course, purely material gifts, always appreciated, such as jewellery or books for new parents. There are also "time-saving" and "relaxation" gifts, useful for any young parent: babysitting sessions, delivery of good meals for two, care and massage boxes... And to recall, later, the beautiful moments spent, also think of memory gifts, such as the imprint kit or the traditional photo album.