Need a travel bag, to make sure you don't forget anything when travelling with baby? Whether it's for a long trip or a simple weekend, choose a bag that is both chic and practical, with all the elegance and expertise of Jacadi Paris. Select and order online the travel bag that will suit all your needs and can hold all of baby's little belongings.
Liberty fabric diaper bag$275.00

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Diaper bag$189.00

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Nomadic changing mat$85.00

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Liberty toiletry bag$85.00

Baby travel bag: the Jacadi collection

Looking for a baby travel bag or weekend bag? You're in the right place. Jacadi designs and creates many baby travel bag models to take the essentials with you, everywhere. From the vanity-style baby bag to the baby changing bag, to the portable changing mat, you'll find everything you need in our collection to live your adventures away from home with peace of mind.

Travel without forgetting anything, with the Jacadi baby bag

The travel bag is a useful accessory, for carrying everything you need for your baby with you. Stay mobile, without forgetting anything, and travel in style as a family.
There are different styles and sizes of baby travel bags. To choose one, consider your needs and desires. Do you travel often? How old is your child? If your baby has an older sibling who is too young to take care of their own belongings, don't hesitate to choose a large bag that's perfect for slipping in the older child's stuffed animal and snack... Jacadi's baby and child travel bags are equipped with a shoulder strap, very practical for keeping your hands free and allowing you to take care of your baby without fear of losing their belongings.

What to put in the baby's travel bag?

What to put in the baby's travel bag? Diapers, care products, pajamas of course. Don't forget their little baby blanket, which will be very useful when traveling, to keep them warm during their nap or to supplement their bedding on site, if it's too light for the season... Jacadi's baby travel bags are also equipped with multiple pockets, so you always have what you need at hand. A bib, a pacifier, the baby's favorite cuddly toy...
Jacadi's travel bags are designed in our Parisian workshops and carefully manufactured. Don't hesitate to put them on your baby registry or order them directly online.

Baby travel bag: quality above all

At Jacadi, we advocate for sustainable development and design accessories that are not only beautiful and elegant, but also sturdy. Top-quality materials and fabrics, strong seams... everything is designed so that our products stand the test of time without showing wear, or almost. They are thus intended to meet the needs of several generations. What could be more satisfying than buying or offering items that are both useful for little ones (and their parents) and better for the planet?