Find in this section the essentials of baby gifts to offer for the birth of a little girl or a little boy. Quality, chic and timeless items.
Scalloped blanket$125.00

Sizes Available

Scalloped blanket$125.00

Sizes Available

Small rabbit plush toy$55.00

Sizes Available

Medium rabbit plush toy$75.00

Sizes Available

Rabbit plush toy$39.00

Sizes Available

Mini rabbit plush toy$25.00

Baby Gifts: Essentials for Newborns

Is there a birth coming up among your loved ones? Finding the perfect gift to pamper little boys and girls is not always easy. That's why Jacadi invites you to discover its selection of essential baby gift ideas. Beautiful fabrics, durable diaper bags and, above all, elegance and softness. All the ingredients are there to welcome baby with tenderness.

What birth gift to choose for a baby boy?

The birth of a baby girl or boy is always a big moment for parents, but also for their loved ones. Whether the mom and dad are part of your circle of friends or your family, you want to give them the most beautiful gift. To celebrate this happy event as it should be, simplicity is often the best choice.
Among the popular gifts for baby boys, cuddly toys, of course. At Jacadi, this classic comes in the form of a plush toy or a swaddle-shaped cuddly toy, accessorized with a square of soft looped velvet fabric. This flat fabric allows baby to easily grab it to stroke, chew, or simply comfort themselves after a big upset. The rabbit is an icon at Jacadi. In white or powder blue, in mini or slightly larger format... Which one will you prefer?
Another gift idea for baby boys: the blanket, essential for allowing parents to wrap baby in softness during car trips or stroller walks. 100% cotton, Jacadi baby blankets are adorned with lovely scallops and moss stitches, for even more softness.

What birth gift to choose for a baby girl?

At Jacadi, most birth gifts for babies are suitable for both little boys and girls. You will find many unisex gift ideas, from cuddly toys to blankets, as well as plush toys. Of course, some colors are more girly, like pale pink, which you can identify on our scalloped blanket.
In addition to gifts for baby girls, we have developed a whole range of products more intended for new parents, such as diaper bags. Practical, durable, and chic, they will accompany mom and dad on each of their outings. This accessory is truly a must-have when it comes to baby gifts. Diapers, spare clothes, wipes, bottles... It allows you to carry essential items and contributes to your child's well-being.
The changing mat cover is another baby girl gift idea to consider. Striped blue for boys, it is adorned for girls with pink polka dots and closes with lovely bows. Made from terry cotton, it will enhance the baby's room while surrounding them with a soft cocoon during diaper changes.

Everything you need to create baby's birth trousseau

From birth, baby will need clothes that are both soft and comfortable. Just like mom's maternity suitcase, the birth trousseau must be ready before the day of delivery. A stay in the maternity ward lasts between 3 and 5 days, on average. So, you need to plan for spare clothes so that your newborn is comfortable and always well-dressed. Dressed to the nines, baby is ready for visits!
Also, to fill your birth trousseau, be sure to browse our various sections dedicated to newborns. Bibs, little pajamas, terry towels, bath sets, slippers, sleeping bags... Add to that a dry massage oil, and your baby will be ready for a beautiful stay.
Discover our baby gift sets, to treat yourself or to offer. Beautiful booties with matching tights and sock duos, comfortable and cute organic cotton sets, lovely baby cardigans in delicate wool and their coordinated fold-over slippers... There is a touch of softness and French tradition in Jacadi's clothing.