Iconic styles

Jacadi Iconic Styles are signature pieces, inspired by French tradition in children fashion.
Revisited each season, the iconic styles condense expertise and emotion,
for a modern and timeless wardrobe, passed on from generation to generation.

A bit of history:
The immaculate baptism gown symbolizes pureness. During the baptism ceremony, the newborn used to be wrapped in a large embroidered cloth after the immersion ritual. Throughout the years, this cloth was replaced with an outfit composed of a skirt, a bonnet and a cape. Baptism outfits were preciously kept for several generations.

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A must-have in baby’s wardrobe, the iconic baptism outfit is embellished with poetic details and refined finishings. For those special occasions, the pristine baptism bloomer is the epitome of couture know-how.

The Jacadi touch : Chic and refined, the delicate embroidered details embellish this unique piece, designed to be passed on through those special occasions.

Discover baptism outfits