The Iconic
Special occasion dress

Jacadi Iconic Pieces are signature pieces, inspired by French tradition in childhood fashion.
Ces Revisited each season, the iconic styles condense expertise and emotion,
qui for a modern and timeless wardrobe, passed on from generation to generation.

A bit of history:
Special occasions dresses are part of the French tradition. Precious fabrics, sophisticated weaving techniques, since the 15th century, ladies compete in elegance to shine. This refinement continues today, ceremony dresses are still worn for special occasions.

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Because Jacadi wants the best for children on special occasions, our stylists revisited the Ceremony dress down to the last detail. Expertise and brand codes, for delicate outfits, carefully sewn, for little girls pleasure!

The Jacadi touch: After the party, say yes to colorful sneakers for her to have fun and twirl with her favorite dress!

Discover special occasion dresses